§ 2-11.7. Governmental units capital improvements projects reports—Definitions  

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  • In construing the provisions of Sections 2-11.7—2-11.11 hereof and each and every word, term, phrase or part hereof where the context will permit, the definitions provided in Section 1.01, Florida Statutes, will apply and the following shall also apply:

    (a) Governmental units. The words "governmental units" shall refer to agencies of the government of Miami-Dade County and municipalities therein including their authorities, commissions, councils, bodies, boards, governing bodies, and departments that plan for or provide capital improvements.

    (b) Capital improvement. The words "capital improvement" shall refer to and include: (1) the acquisition of real property, improved or unimproved; and (2) the improvement of real property (including installed equipment, alterations and repairs of existing building); provided, the improvement shall have a probable useful life of at least five (5) years, and the cost of each improvement project shall exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).

(Ord. No. 66-34, § 1, 7-26-66)


Sections 2-11.7—2-11.11 are derived from Ord. No. 66-34, §§ 1—5, adopted July 26, 1966, effective ten days thereafter, which ordinance amended this Code to include the provisions thereof and authorized its codification in the discretion of the editors.