§ 21-281. Sexual Offender and Sexual Predator Residence Prohibition; Penalties  

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  • (a) It is unlawful for any person who has been convicted of a violation of Section 794.011 (sexual battery), 800.04 (lewd and lascivious acts on/in presence of persons under age 16), 827.071 (sexual performance by a child), 847.0135(5) (sexual acts transmitted over computer) or 847.0145 (selling or buying of minors for portrayal in sexually explicit conduct), Florida Statutes, or a similar law of another jurisdiction, in which the victim or apparent victim of the offense was less than sixteen (16) years of age, to reside within 2,500 feet of any school.

    (b) The 2,500-foot distance shall be measured in a straight line from the outer boundary of the real property that comprises a sexual offender's or sexual predator's residence to the nearest boundary line of the real property that comprises a school. The distance may not be measured by a pedestrian route or automobile route, but instead as the shortest straight line distance between the two points.

    (c) Penalties. A person who violates section 21-281(a) herein shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $1,000.00 or imprisonment in the County jail for not more than 364 days or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(Ord. No. 05-206, § 2, 11-15-05; Ord. No. 10-01, § 2, 1-21-10)