Part III. Code Of Ordinances

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration
Chapter 3. Reserved
Chapter 4. Ambulances And Medical Transportation Vehicles
Chapter 5. Animals And Fowl
Chapter 6. Blood Donor Facilities
Chapter 7. Boats, Docks And Waterways
Chapter 8. Building Code
Chapter 8A. Business Regulations
Chapter 8AA. Cable And Communications Services Providers
Chapter 8B. Emergency Management
Chapter 8C. Building Security Measures
Chapter 8CC. Code Enforcement
Chapter 8D. Construction: Financing Of Public Facilities
Chapter 8E. Cranes And Hoisting Equipment
Chapter 9. Standards For Construction Of County Buildings, Roads, Bridges And Causeways
Chapter 10. Contractors
Chapter 11. Courts
Chapter 11A. Discrimination
Chapter 11B. Dumps And Landfill Sites
Chapter 11C. Development Within Flood Hazard Districts
Chapter 11D. Diseased Palm Trees
Chapter 12. Elections
Chapter 13. Explosives
Chapter 14. Fire Prevention
Chapter 14A. Fish And Marine Life
Chapter 14B. Food And Food Service Establishments
Chapter 15. Solid Waste Management
Chapter 16. General Obligation Bonds
Chapter 16A. Historic Preservation
Chapter 17. Housing
Chapter 17A. Vacant Structures Standards, Minimum
Chapter 17B. Metropolitan Miami-Dade County Demolition Ofuninhabitable Structures Ordinance
Chapter 17C. Metropolitan Dade County Demolition Of Mobile Homes And Removal Of Debris From Mobile Home Parks Rendered Uninhabitable By Hurricane Andrew After Its Aftermath
Chapter 18. Improvement And Special-Purpose Districts
Chapter 18A. Miami-Dade County Landscaping Ordinance
Chapter 18B. Miami-Dade County Right-Of-Way Landscape Ordinance
Chapter 19. Responsible Property Owner And Merchant Act
Chapter 19A. Mobile Homes
Chapter 20. Municipalities
Chapter 21. Offenses And Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 22. Wage Theft
Chapter 23. Pensions
Chapter 23A. Planning Generally
Chapter 24. Environmental Protection, Biscayne Bay And Environs Designatedaquatic Park And Conservation Area, The Biscayne Bay Environmentalenhancement Trust Fund, And The Environmentally Endangered Landsprogram
Chapter 24A. Reserved
Chapter 25. Aviation Department Rules And Regulations
Chapter 25A. Public Health Trust
Chapter 25B. Parks And Recreation Generally
Chapter 25C. Payment Of Costs Of Hospital Care, Treatment And Maintenance
Chapter 26. Park And Recreation Department Rules And Regulations
Chapter 26A. Sanitary Nuisance
Chapter 26B. Reserved
Chapter 26C. Reserved
Chapter 26D. Reserved
Chapter 27. Swimming Pools, Public
Chapter 28. Subdivisions
Chapter 28A. Seaport Security And Operations
Chapter 29. Taxation
Chapter 30. Traffic And Motor Vehicles
Chapter 30A. Urban Renewal
Chapter 30B. Transit Agency Rules And Regulations
Chapter 31. Vehicles For Hire
Chapter 32. Water And Sewer Regulations
Chapter 32A. Reserved
Chapter 32B. Reserved
Chapter 33. Zoning
Chapter 33A. Developments In Incorporated Areas Creating County Impact
Chapter 33B. Areas Of Critical Environmental Concern
Chapter 33C. Fixed-Guideway Rapid Transit System—Development Zone
Chapter 33D. Biscayne Bay Management
Chapter 33E. Road Impact Fees
Chapter 33F. Key Biscayne Beach Preservation
Chapter 33G. Service Concurrency Management Program
Chapter 33H. Park Impact Fee Ordinance
Chapter 33I. Police Services Impact Fee
Chapter 33J. Fire And Emergency Medical Services Impact Fee
Chapter 33K. Educational Facilities Impact Fee
Appendix A. Ordinances Creating Municipalities
Appendix B. Ordinances Changing Municipal Boundaries
Appendix C. Franchises